Tuesday, September 8

le happy list
(via Dirty Blonde)
1) Make a fort out of couch cushions and blankets and watch old Hollywood movies
2) Pretend to be from another country and speak a made up language out with your friends
3) Learn a song on the piano and practice till it's perfect
4) Fall in love and don’t worry about a thing
5) Wear bright pink lipstick, bleach your hair, and chew watermelon bubblegum
6) Buy a ticket to the south and hunt for alligators with your boyfriend
7) Make your own shirts with velvet iron on letters
8) Go to the beach on a warm night, bring champagne and blankets and run in the ocean
9) Redecorate your house and fill it with wild roses in thrift store vases
10) Collect old books and frame the pages of your favorite parts
11) Fill your living room with balloons and have a party for no reason
12) Go vintage shopping for dresses and have a marie antoinette tea party in your backyard
13) Learn to make cakes and cookies and surprise your friends with gifts on their doorsteps
14) Make an 80’s mix and drive around Malibu with neon sunglasses on drinking Orange Crush
15) Pretend to be a journalist and write reviews of your favorite albums
16) Have a Valentines day party in June celebrating all your past crushes
17) Have a Christmas party in July and decorate a tree
18) Buy old records just for the cover and nail them to your kitchen ceiling
19) Have a horror movie marathon, light tons of candles and stay up all night in the dark
20) Cover your ceiling with glow stars
21) Find a saloon in a small town and country play songs from the jukebox
22) Play pool in cowboy boots and cutoff shorts
23) Buy tourist keychains, mugs, postcards from the town you live in
24) Rent a convertible and drive to las vegas for two nights and wear gold clip-on earrings
25) Walk to the market and get beer and sandwiches and sit on your porch all day
26) Invent a new cocktail and throw a party based around it
27) Buy hot pink heels and do the dishes in them with the radio on

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