Wednesday, November 25


sorry I haven't posted much, I've been very busy this week and will continue to be busy without internet for the next 2 days at my grandmas, and then working all weekend. back soon, I do promise!

Sunday, November 22

constant little thing

"I don’t know if she’s going to get over it—I’m not sure if it’s in her nature to heal from something like this. She’s always been such a constant little thing. She doesn’t get past things, change her mind."

- The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Friday, November 20

Tina Aumont

How long can a girl be shackled to you
How long before my dignity is reclaimed
How long can a girl stay haunted by you
Soon I'll grow up and I won't even flinch at your name
Soon I'll grow up and I won't even flinch at your name
Where've you been? I heard you moved to my city
My brother saw you somewhere downtown
I'd be paralyzed if I ran into you
My tongue would seize up if we were to meet again

come back down

purple and flowers and bikes, too.
I want an old bike with pretty flowers.

Thursday, November 19

the way you want

summer dreams

I can't get my mind off of summer. The cold weather at this time of year is so refreshing,
but nothing can ever compare to summer and all of the potential that comes with it.

Wednesday, November 18

blondie locks

i'll take the over processed hair and effortless beauty anyday.

Monday, November 16

tiny dancer


I want all of these beauties.
oh how I wish i could pull off pastel hair streeks.