Monday, December 28

Thursday, December 24


happy holidays, my darling.

Monday, December 21

gold dust woman

live in love

innocent eyes


so much beauty in dirt


I can't find good velvet leggings anywhere. I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and finally getting a sewing machine. The idea is rather exciting.

and cheap champagne

DIY dress from
so lovely, yeah?

cozy in dries

oh darling you look yummy, I would wear you for sure.

Wednesday, December 16


we love abbey lee

homegirl is so badass & yet so cute. I'm never gonna get enough.


want vs need

yummy, yea?

finals end tomorrow. 1 project and 1 exam today. dying, almost.

Monday, December 14

true story

unfortunately this remains true twice as much this year as it did last year.

I miss you both, I just wish you knew.

Happy Birthday.