Friday, February 19

via Dirty Blonde

"If we planted one of these in every hole," he says, "it would be like a forest in the road."
-Pete Dungey
from Cup Of Jo
I think this is seriously so beautiful & something really worth reposting. If I were driving down the street and Saw a pot hole garden, It woul seriously bring a smile to my face...for the rest of the day.
April 22, 2010 ... Earth Day. I say we all participate (:


leighanne said...

this is so pretty, i love the harsh contrast in the colours x

Georgia Larsen said...

I ADORE your blog, you have a really good eye. I've linked you on mine! :) x

Anonymous said...

do you realize its from the blog cup of joe, are you retarded? whats your deal, why do you stalk emily and kim?