Sunday, August 8

last night,

I spoke to you last night. It was all things beautiful and heart wrenching, and so very anticipated. It has been one year, two months and six days since the last time I saw you. You left on a good note, I think we both had so much hope, so much belief that it would be okay, things would work out, you were only going to be gone for a month. One month turned to two, and the phone calls slowed down. Things ended and we went our separate ways, or at least you did. I dealt with the pain for an entire year after you left. But I recovered, I began to find myself again, I met souls who helped me believe and helped me understand. I got over you. The last time we had a real conversation was July 22, 2009. I was on the way to Charlotte and you were finally back home, how ironic. You left the next day and we've talked so few times since then. Last night reminded me how amazing you are. No matter what you get yourself into, you've remained the same. You reminded me why I dwelled so very long. No one understands us. No one except your father. Thank God for him, he may be absolutely bizarre, but he believes in us and I can't help but thank him for that. I'm coming to see you, no if's and's or but's. I just have to find a way and a time. What happens from here? Who knows. I definitely do not. I'm hoping for the best.

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