Saturday, August 21


Mr. Bratton, you have meant the world to me for longer than I care to think about. Living in a world without you is a world I'm truly uninterested in facing. You have been such a huge part of my life since I met you and I'm so thankful that we spent some really good and heartfelt times together recently. I visited your family this morning and they're doing good. They miss you so much, babe. Why'd you do it? No one can figure out why you left, why you drove the way you did. No one even knew you left. That's so unlike you, you are the life of the party, or atleast the life of mine, and normally you make it known when you come and go. The last thing you said to me was "mwahh" via text the night of the accident. that text made me smile so big. You're the only frind of mine who called me Hilw or Hiwawy, like a baby. I miss you so much kid, this is gonna be hard and I just wish you were by my side helping me deal with it. I love you to the end of time, oh but you always knew that. Stand by me and please never let me go because I promise you I'll never let you go.

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