Monday, March 29


PS : love this outfit posted by rich hippie. mmm

let's hear it for...

Off to New York until Friday. Not bringing le laptop with me.

Be back soon with photos, new clothes, and all that jazz (:

long hair, don't care

kate, darling

love this way too much

colors of nudity

Wednesday, March 24

things that make me cry

they're all so amazing, how could some silly little girl get them before me? i neeeed.

mermaid darling

photo via bohemian musings

dancing with devils

Monday, March 22


this font is stuck in my head shouting new tattoo over and over again.
it's so insanely whimsy and beautiful..

chery blossoms

now all your love is wasted

Friday, March 19

uh oh

My laptop is officially being sent off to the place where they prevent lap top death....

posts will be afar and few especially since spring break is coming up and a trip to NYC is in store.
Top Shop & Zara, here I come! (:
So my apologies, I promise I'll be back as soon as my laptop stops cutting off for odd reasons every 10 minutes....
photo via Sparkle Freckle