Friday, December 31

happy new years eve!

what are all you beautiful majestics wearing tonight? something magnificent, i am positive. I'll be wearing something equally lingerie/fur/hippie inspired, as usual. Everyone be safe and enjoy your night xx


bright lights

Saturday, December 25


the good:
- Fashion Marketing degree
- new car
- became a Mac user
- found a magnificent kitten and made her mine
- got over a broken heart
- All Good Music Festival
- I found myself

the bad:
- lost motivation in school
- big arguments with friends
- drunken nights full of mistakes
- realizations
- having a broken heart

the ugly:
- lost my best friend in a tragic car accident
- lost my grandpa to Alzheimer's
- lost my mind

2011, i'm ready for you. be good to me.

Friday, December 24


i promise i'm still alive. merry christmas you magnificent souls.


Wednesday, December 15


via purse 'n boots

colours that flutter

winter winds

dear santa, please?


diy success.

DIYd these Free People boots on Monday.
5 years ago I was gifted a pair of boots from Nordstrom ( i asked for them..) and I never once wore them. Noticed them in my closet on sunday and took a pair of scissors to them on monday.


Thursday, December 9