Tuesday, January 18

busy kitten

i'm swamped with life right now, so i'm sorry for abandoning you all!
i leave you with this beautiful photo and hopes of being more available soon. xx


Thursday, January 13

kate in suede

i'll wear you.

...but i don't want to pay 100 bones for you.

hat via Planet Blue

Wednesday, January 12

stop the world & melt with you.

i don't believe i could have any more of an intense blog crush on this girl.
everything she does is perfect and all outfits are to the T.
i'm in love.

via purse 'n boots

lady on the water

spell and the gypsy collective.
so envious of the beauty in jewels and garments.
not to mention the fantastic ethereal photographs.

obsessed in mint

Monday, January 10


live by the sun, love by the moon.


just another item to add to my infinite list of DIY projects.

wild horses

oracle fox of course. this girl is amazing.

Gazing at the rain, I consider what it means to belong, to become part of something. To have someone cry for me. From someplace distant, so very distant. From, ultimately, a dream. No matter how far I reach out, no matter how fast I run, I’ll never make it.

Why would anyone want to cry for me?

Friday, January 7

til sunday,

escaping to the coast 'til sunday but i leave you with this magnificent photo
of Abbey Lee to drool over until then. xo

wilderness dreams

darling dearest

Wednesday, January 5