Monday, April 25

painting flowers for you

I've just arrived back home from an amazing week in Maui. I think I belong there. Anyway, while we were there I scouted out too much drift wood. I'd been planning on doing this DIY for a while but wanted to do it right and unfortunately driftwood is far and few if at all in my part of North Carolina. I have about 8 more sticks to paint, saving them for a sunny day and a bottle of wine.

By the way,
I've tried to keep this blog from getting too personal in the past. I think I will begin doing outfit posts and more DIY posts, what do you want to see?

So hello friends, My name's Hillary.


Envious said...

Hello Hillary, I'm Hanagie :)

Anonymous said...

the world needs more dreamers like yourself, so a more personal sense to your blog could be great

calla said...

i love doing alone time little crafts like this too! looks like you have an awesome porch for crafting!


Chelsealauren said...

Hillary, these diy crafts are booooootyful! are you going to use them as hangers or just decor?
after seeing them on freepeople awhile ago i've been dying to do them as well

ps. i just got back from maui last week as well, fancy that?
ha love your blog darl'n

infinite x's and o's,

Wildflower said...

Chelsea, for now I'm using them as decor but I found this insanely cool piece that I plan to use as a key hanger, the same as was posted on FP, I'll post it when ever I actually get around to doing it =)

as for Maui, where were you guys? We were in Kanaapali. It was so magnificent. xx