Tuesday, May 10




eliza sloane said...

i always love aimee's outfits, oh and i love your blog btw :-)
so glad i stumbled across it! <3

ludivigne & belegfor said...

hello :) i've recently come across your blog and love it all. I saw that you are planning to move 2 hawaii. I was living there for a year and am planning to move back out there and buy some land. sending massive aloha and blessings on your adventures <3 love and light!

Wildflower said...

thank you both so much!

Eliza, I'm about to do a post on you, I love your personal style and am so jealous over your FP bralette, I never got around to buying it!

and miss hawaii ladie, thank you so much! I'm totally looking forward to it as i'm sure you are too!