Wednesday, May 4

dreams of travel

I'm currently in the process of lusting over Hawaii & planning a move for early 2012.
I fell in love with Maui when I was there and I just knew it was the place I was supposed to be.

All I can say is I will miss my family.


Kamila Z. said...

so so so cool pics !!

calla said...

that is so awesome. do you know anyone in hawaii, or are you just going to go for it? i absolutely hate nj. the weather is dreadful when it's not summer. it gets soooo depressing.


Emma Louise said...

Cannot stop thinking about getting away, going somewhere more chilled out and sunny.
These pictures suit my mood perfectly!

Wildflower said...

Calla, I don't know anyone there (yet!) but I know what you mean about NJ. I was supposed to fly into upstate NY tonight and I had tights, boots & leather packed. I've been wearing shorts and tanks in NC for at least 3 months!

thanks ladies for the kind words =) xx

Kokopelli Blu said...

It is these kind of photos that make me want to leave and live the rest of my life as a total beach bum! haha

Thats awesome that you are planning on going to jealous!


indie by heart said...

love the inspiration.

i long for living somewhere else.. oowww this post made me so jealous<3