Friday, May 27

light heart


Gloria said...

ohhhhmygoodness, the first dress! do you know where it's from/who designed it??


Wildflower said...

Ahhh I have no idea, i found it on a random tumblr. thanks though =)

Gloria said...

ohho. kay so sometimes when i get set on finding something i go google crazy. and i found the dress and figured i'd let you know.

it's by One Teaspoon, and it's called the Kiss of Death dress in Vanilla.. it's an aussie brand. and it's gorge.

you're welcome if you care! haha, i want it so badly.

Wildflower said...

I absolutely care! love that brand and OF COURSE it would be THAT brand. I might try a DIY one day if I believe I can have enough patience for it! Thanks so much chica, xx