Sunday, July 31

summer skin



Finally home from training in Nashville. This was such an awesome experience and I truly met so many amazing people! Tomorrow begins the day that we start putting our Durham store together. I think I speak for my entire team when I say, this truly feels like our baby. I am beyond excited to put my heart and soul into the success of this store, so bring it on FP ;)

If you're feeling fancy and kind, please go to the Free People Durham facebook page and "like" :)

Wednesday, July 20

Free People Nashville

sorry for the lazy amount of posts!
I am currently in Nashville training with their Free People team along with the other managers
of the Free People Durham store!
I will be here until the 29th and then we begin putting our store together on the 1st of August. We're planning a huge grand opening and I can hardly wait, it will be on the 5th,
so if you're in the area you should surely stop by!

I'll be back soon! xx