Thursday, April 28

i'm sure the view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here.

I'm just so tired
Won't you sing me to sleep
And fly through my dreams
So I can hitch a ride with you tonight
And get away from this place
Have a new name and face
I just ain't the same without you in my life

Missing you so much tonight, Max.
If only you were here, I wonder how things would be.

Monday, April 25

into summer

painting flowers for you

I've just arrived back home from an amazing week in Maui. I think I belong there. Anyway, while we were there I scouted out too much drift wood. I'd been planning on doing this DIY for a while but wanted to do it right and unfortunately driftwood is far and few if at all in my part of North Carolina. I have about 8 more sticks to paint, saving them for a sunny day and a bottle of wine.

By the way,
I've tried to keep this blog from getting too personal in the past. I think I will begin doing outfit posts and more DIY posts, what do you want to see?

So hello friends, My name's Hillary.

Wednesday, April 6

when you're through thinking, say yes.

I get lost sometimes
Another year flies by
But I know if I try
Memories of the light in your eyes
Can take me back in time
It's hard to see you, we are older now
And when I find you, you just turn around
This is a black and white of you I found
I hang you up and then I pull you down