Friday, December 23


Save me a place inside the quiet
I know hate 'cause I see it in everyone around
And lately I've been losing truth
And faith, I have been losing too

lately all posts have been words, i'm just inspired by them these days.
i'm sorry and i will post the beauties sometime soon.
until then, i hope you all have a glorious holiday with your loved ones.
cherish it.

Saturday, December 17

the truth

When they call your name
Will you walk right up
With a smile on your face
Or will you cower in fear
In your favorite sweater
With an old love letter

I wish you would, I wish you would
Come pick me up
Take me out
Fuck me up
Steal my records
Screw all my friends
They're all full of shit
With a smile on your face
And then do it again
I wish you would

When you're walking downtown
Do you wish I was there
Do you wish it was me
With the windows clear and the mannequins eyes
Do they all look like mine

Tuesday, December 6


Red and yellow, pink and green, purple and orange and blue.
Are all of the colours I see my love, everytime I see you.
I'm wasted, I'm so wasted on you.