Thursday, March 8

c h a n g e s

new blog header. how do we feel about it?
I figured it was time to change it because I want to continue to dedicate myself to this little corner of my life a bit more. what do you want to see? what do you like seeing already?

any feed back is so greatly appreciated! xx


Anonymous said...

Everything you post is inspirational and beautiful. Just keep doin you and I'll be content.

Wildflower said...

Thank you so much, dear! Your kind words are more than appreciated. xx

Владислав Ястремский said...

Hello, I am from Russia, so I wildly regret for my bad English)
However, I really want to say, that header is nice and tender, especially type.

Personally I`d prefer to read smth about your view of nowaday fashion, about road trips (it`s a rarity for Russians) or just about you.
Maybe less pics, more information and feelings)