Friday, September 14

2 9 t h i n g s / K i m b e r l y G o r d o n

1. Do not get drunk without at least one of your best friends with you.
2. Do not forget why you have made the decisions that put you here.
3. Do not scold yourself, back track, let regret and fear push you back into safety
4. Do not be afraid of the future, look forward to it
5. Do not use your cell phone after drinking, give it to someone you trust.
6. Do not use other people to feel better about being hurt
7. Go dancing
8. Do not stalk facebooks of anyone. Ever.
9. Do not forget who you are, be graceful
10. Do not try insane diets
11. Do not call any ex boyfriends
12. Do buy poetry books
13. Do go somewhere you’ve never been
14. Do take a roadtrip
15. Do swim in the ocean
16. Do make a list of things you love
17. Do try sleeping under the stars/ in your car/ in the mountains/ at a sleepover
18. Do meet new people
19. Do feel sad if you are sad
20. Do feel lonely if you are lonely
21. Do scroll through images on tumblr to make you feel better
22. Do start a new blog
23. Do write everything down
24. Do study your dreams
25. Do learn to read tarot
26. Do watch lots of a girly TV show
27. Do not hurt other boys or girls
28. Do not cry in the mirror
29. Do go to the spa

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